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History of VMBCSC

HISTORY OF, Mrs. Viola M. Brooks

Viola M. Brooks was the state president of the California State Association of Colored Women Clubs. She was a very strong Christian who believed in GOD, family, education and equal opportunity for all people.


Viola M. Brooks supported all women especially those who migrated to California in hopes of employment. She would house them when the YWCA would not accept them. Mrs. Brooks was a personal friend and second mother to our founder and former President, Mrs. Maudell Humphrey LeFort. She extended her heart and her home to Mrs. Maudell and her newborn daughter, Cheryl and cared for them until she felt they were ready to return to their own home.

HISTORY OF the Founder, Mrs. Maudell LeFort

In honor of Mother Brooks, as she was affectionately known, our former President, Mrs. Maudell Humphrey LeFort, organized the Viola M. Brooks Civic and Social Club of California. The club is an entity of the oldest Negro woman’s organization in the United States, the National Association of Colored Women (NACWC).


I would also like to share a little about Mrs. Maudell Humphrey LeFort. She was an active member of this community in the 1950’s. Mrs. Humphrey is the proud mother of 2, grandmother of 4, and great-grandmother of 4. Mrs. LeFort is retired from a long history in education, primarily with the Sacramento School District. For those of you that know her personally, you know that she has a passion for music and a love for sports—when she finds free time from being a mother, grandmother, sister, friend and social butterfly, which includes Queen of the California State Association of Colored Women’s Club, former President of the Viola M. Brooks Civic and Social Club, past President of the Sacramento Woman’s Council and the Les Beaux Arts, and a loyal church member.