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New Membership Application

New Membership

We are delighted you have expressed the desire to become a member to continue to promote the objectives of our club:

To promote the education of women and girls; to work for the moral, economic, social and religious welfare of women and youth; to raise the standard and quality of life in the home and family; to secure and use our influences for the enforcement of civil and political rights for African Americans and all citizens; to obtain for African American women the opportunity of reaching the highest levels in all fields of endeavor; to promote effective interaction with the male auxiliary; and to promote inter-racial understanding so that justice and goodwill may prevail among all people.

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Your application can be emailed to the contact information listed below.

Tamiko Greely, Chairman

Phone: (916) 920-4481

Questions: vmbcsc@gmail.com 
Membership Fee: $10.00


Shalonn M. Woodard, President